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The Law Offices of George R. Katosic & Associates is a unique boutique firm that specializes in the areas of health and life insurance law, associations, discount medical benefits/insured benefits, compliance with same, and all related matters.

The firm's legal and compliance services are provided to clients in many varying circumstances and it is flexible to work in any environment. The firm services in-house legal and compliance departments that have an overload or a need for certain experience and expertise. In addition, it provides services to both insurance related entities and individuals who do not utilize in-house counsel or compliance personnel. Many clients utilize the firm to oversee and manage litigation and regulatory matters involving insurance and association related matters.


George Katosic has been serving the legal & compliance needs of the life and health insurance industry for over 35 years. The experience and expertise he obtained from a career as counsel for numerous health & life insurance companies served as the basis for establishing a successful law firm. Mr. Katosic also serves as an expert witness in insurance related litigation, mediation and arbitration matters.

Anne Nored has over 10 years experience in association law, procedure and insured benefits. In addition, she has experience working with association group insurance carriers.


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